Thursday, July 01, 2004
  Robben, Ruud, like to tumble...
...Robben especially so, last night; disappointing personally as I love him.

The hosts were just about value (if hardly excellent) and I'd assume most denizens of this board were rejoicing (those sullen jibes in the aftermath of the Orangemen's game against the Swedes stuck in my mind as accurate).

Mark below on England seems interesting and probably OTM. I'm sure we've all read plenty commentary going on about the numbers of attacking midfielders deployed by Sven during this tourney.

Whatever happens tonight, I'll be hoping the winners beat the hosts. I love Ronaldo and some of the Portuguese defence and midfield, but there's not much else.

Incidentally, there must have been a lot of dummies on the pitch for the ground staff to clean up post-match: Ricardo and a few of the Dutch especially...

Here's a debate:

Player of the championships?
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