Wednesday, June 16, 2004
  Yeah, what is wrong with France?
Aside from the fact that I thought both Zidane and Pires had very quiet games, the main issue for me was lack of width (obviously, Trezeguet thrives on good delivery from wide positions, he gets that from Nedved at Juve even if that no-mark Camoranesi seems unaccountably to be popular with both Lippi and Trap)... with Zidane and Pires almost certain to do their best work cutting in, and neither being especially pacey, you'd expect the full backs to come forward. Enter the ageing Lizarazu and the not-that-great Gallas (why wasn't Thuram played at RB exactly... mysteries abound).

Anyway, with these two a combination of slow, out of sorts, and perhaps even scared of England counter attacks, it wasn't until the second half that France got into ANY crossing positions. Henry drifted out to the left early, and put two balls in on about the 50 minute mark. And that was it.

i read somewhere someone saying that Henry caused England all manner of problems.

well i don't know what match that person was watching but he was certainly no great shakes.

he always seems a lot better for the Gooners.
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