Wednesday, June 30, 2004
  Portugal-Holland half-time
Holland are so going to win this.

On penalties probably.

Not because they're the better side - christ, no! Far from it. But Portugal haven't killed off the game and the Dutch are shaping up to be the new Germans - i.e. inexplicably surviving mediocrities.

RVN's goal was onside. The defender in the middle was playing him on.

Some credit to Scolari and Portugal for their smothering tactics. Davids and Seedorf reduced to the same ineffectual anonymity into which Gerrard and Lampard sunk. They are so much better at playing with one striker than the Dutch.

Memo to Sven G E: look what happens when you subsitute your 'best' player. Imagine if Beckham had been treated in the way that Scolari has treated Figo. Maybe that would have stirred him from his torpor; it appears that nothing else would.

Too true. Scolari showed again why he is a great manager. Figo played like a man possessed (or a man in mortal fear of being substitued again). Eriksson shouldn't need to substitute Beckham though, he should have known he had a point to prove.
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