Thursday, June 17, 2004
  Mine eyes may see the glory
Rejoice comrades, as here is one particularly cheering bit of good news pre-today's matches.

Yours truly has so far only caught all the games (bar Switzerland-Croatia, which was merely viewed on a text-updates website) through the medium of the wireless (yes, it is nice to have at least heard all the games, but hearing is not the same as seeing for those of us blessed with vision; this is also why my views so far tend to resemble recycled Alan Green opinions, as there is little else to go on).

Exile in middle America means limited opportunities for viewing as funds do not permit the purchase of entry into one of the (admittedly, many) local watering holes that are showing the games, for all watering holes levy a ridiculously high cover charge upon the person before one has even bought one's first beverage.

But there are capital developments!
One's American sugar mommy has come up with some cash and I am now in, to see the Switzerland game (& imbibe some ale; alas, I cannot see the French match, as I have to scarper to see a man about a regrettable dog, but these things happen).

Hopefully the Swiss press tactic of distributing voodoo dolls of Beckham in their daily rags won't mean my viewing pleasure is sullied within the first few minutes if Goldenballs were to collapse with acute hamstrings.

In other areas, I must say more than ever to me Philip seems on the money with his plea for Scolari to start with two strikers; my mind is made up. Look how ineffective a lone striker proved for the Dutch the other day, they only really sparking into life when Van Hooijdonk came on. Prior to his arrival, they'd been about as threatening as the motorbike gang in The Wild One (that may also have been linked to that preening buffoon Zenden being preferred over the lovely Robben).

Also glad to see that Totti has been banned for three games, disgusting habit. At least he will apologise.

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