Wednesday, June 16, 2004
  Is this true or does it only feel like it is?
England always perform badly on ITV. Which bodes ill, since the second game is also on that benighted channel.

Tyldeseley should be tried for treason when he comes back. As everyone, everyone knows, it's the cardinal sin of commentary to assume that your team has won until the final whistle blows. Tyldesley wasn't so much tempting fate as swaggering up to it and actively taunting it. His crowing that 'opposition fans will be chanting 1-0 every time Santini takes to the dug-out in the premiership next season' - without even the hint of a conditional - made the previous low in this genre - Keegan's 'There's only one team gonna win this now, Brian', a mere matter of seconds before Rumania scored two - look positively cautious.

for the sake of form, i feel i must admit that i can't stand Tyldeseley in general for his shameless kowtowing to MUFC.

but in general yes, you're right, i prefer the old-school Beeb commentators too.
one interesting cleavage is the BBC allows all the biscuits on the wireless - Green, Pearce, Strachan, the jovial Terry Butcher - whilst presumably retaining the smooth charm of the old gang for the MOTD studio (i've caught every game bar the Croatia match merely on internet radio i'm afraid...)
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