Monday, June 21, 2004
  A few brief observations
Russia ('playing for pride') beating the Greeks is just about the only prediction I've got right so far. Huh!

I must echo the comments about the Dutch-Czech match, which was all very nice, apart from - of course - Pavel's diving and Ruud's offside goal (speaking of RVN, who one does not usually defend, whilst acknowledging that last season he had a bad patch, I assume below Mark is saying that he is ineffective as a single striker for his national team; for his club team, RVN can be, and has been, very effective alone).

Also on Mark's views, I think I've worked out his disappointment with Scholes' current malaise is partly down to the fact that - re. the striker debate between he and Philip - an onsong Scholes sounds exactly like the sort of player that Mark likes grabbing some goals. The Langley redhead better sort his life out this evening.

There was a touching moment on a BBC message board when a Spanish fan dolefully observed it was - essentially - the shocking performance of Portugal on the opening day that sealed his team's fate.

And finally (writes ITN staffer), how shite has Pauleta been so far in all three of his performances?

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