Thursday, June 17, 2004
  England - Switzerland @ halftime
The first twenty minutes went totally the way of the Confédération Helvétique, thanks notably to Yakin's superb set kicks and England's inability to conserve the ball in Switzerland's half. Things were going swimmingly until the goal off a rather silly mistake. England gained confidence from that point on and, despite Switzerland continuing to remain threatening, should go on to win this (as I'm the only (?) foreigner here, I can revel in the ITV-effect).

One thing I don't understand is Beckham's positioning. While hugging the right-hand sideline (and shade) has allowed him to make some trademark crosses, every time he ventured into the middle of the field and took on the role of the play-maker, the team seemed to flow far more freely.

Finally, Rooney and Lampard seem like most disagreeable characters. And, though I'll admit it makes me sound like the token woman every TV station sends along with their commenting delegation to report on "side issues," I'll congratulate England for having the best jersey's I've seen so far (and scold Italy for having gone from those great tight-fitting tops to their current, horrid, gold-letter jobs).

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