Tuesday, June 22, 2004
  Azzuri exit
I'm with Venables (and not only because he echoed my remarks on England having more scoring power than the Portuguese :-) ): Italy deserved to go out. That group was always going to be tight and Italy needed to show more ambition. I've always been an Italianophile, but the Azzuri lacked a cutting edge in this tournament. Yes, they were gloriously vibrant in the first 45 minutes against Sweden, but even then they didn't look like scoring, with the hapless Vieri especially profigate (continuing his World Cup form, really) and the Swedes thoroughly deserved the draw. Sadly, Italy's best attacking players were their two full-backs. Tonight, they looked nervous and lacking in belief. If the Bulgarians had taken the game by the scruff of the neck, they could easily have won the game. Their goal wasn't against the run of play and they did more than enough to draw the game.

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