Wednesday, June 16, 2004
  Are England the best team in Euro 2004?
King was undoubtedly excellent.

In a way, I was secretly glad that Terry was out; nothing against Terry, but King's always impressed me mightily whenever I've seen him.

England the best team in it? Well, you'd have to ask yourself, who's better? Not Holland, appalling until Pierre came on yesterday. Not Italy, who, admittedly always start sluggishly, but who were lacklustre in their opening game.

The problem is, it's seldom the best team that does win a tournament.
i don't see why not.

the trouble is there's at least five outfits in it.

this sort of logic was admittedly the one we used round our way at the start of the season to scientifically (sic) decide that Man City were - on paper - the sixth best Prem team and so would surely have no problem in besting the previous year's ninth place in the year after promotion...
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