Sunday, June 20, 2004
  1 down
Well, after France cruelly destroyed the first of the three predictions I made on k-punk - England not to lose to France - Portugal came through tonight to ensure that the most confidently asserted of the three - Spain will do nothing - came to pass, albeit quicker even than I imagined.

Will this all be forgotten come the next international tournament? Will people still say that Spain have always done poorly in the World Cup/ European Championship, but this time, they'll succeed?

Why do I even ask? Of course people will continue to say that. They never learn.

Neither Portugal nor Spain looked particularly impressive. Certainly neither looked in the league of either the Czechs or the Dutch. Portugal demonstrated how not to play with one striker (if you are going to play with one up front, you have to get midfielders into the box - this Portugal signally failed to do); Spain's caginess should serve as a warning to England about the dangers of being negative.

"Of course people will continue to say that."

It's part of the curse. It's like a reverse-Cassandra thing.
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